The cultural interaction of a gorgeous Thakali women Purna Prabha and sporty Dutchman Patrick Maas. Since 1998 they have combined their qualities, Purna's famous Thakali hospitality and Patrick's strong organization skills, to run the HIGH PLAINS INN (yes it is derived from Clint Eastwood's film "High Plains Drifter") & DUTCH BAKERY and show their guests the wonders of the Himalayas.

Purna was born and raised in Tukuche. She gathered experience with her uncle Lama Soshi in Japan, where they participated at the International Buckwheat Festival. In 1998 she married Patrick and turned together with the Dutchman an old house into an exceptional lodge. Uncountable guests were spoiled ever since.

Patrick climbed his first ice capped peak above Zermatt, in the Swiss Alps when he was eleven years old. Summitting most of the famous 4000 meter peaks, in the holidays of his astronomy study in the Netherlands, he gained his inspirational strength which eventually merged him with the Nepalese Himalayas. Exploring the mountains of Nepal since 1996 Patrick became familiar with the challenges of high altitude. Settled down in the Chamonix of the Himalayas, as Annapurna's first ascender Maurice Herzog called Tukuche, between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, he shares his dreams with enthusiastic guests. Speaking the Nepali language fluently, he turned his feeling for nature clients and his Nepali staff into a professional organization. 2